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Recreation, vacation, traveling – so many people in our society look forward to that wonderful time of year when relaxing in a new place away from home is what it is all about. Discovering new people, places and culinary specialties is what most of us really enjoy for recharging and taking a time-out from the daily routine at home.

For millions of people who use a wheelchair or another mobility aid or parents who are traveling with a small child in a stroller, planning a vacation means that many questions need to be answered beforehand: Which hotel or vacation rental is accessible? Where can I go shopping for groceries with my wheelchair? Which tourist sites are accessible without steps?

We can do something about the barriers around us that limit "Tourism for All". But first, we need to be aware of those barriers!

With the campaign “MapMyDay” the German NGO, Soziahelden, and the European Association for Accessible Tourism (ENAT), call upon people around the world to take part in a collective mapping event: Everyone can use Wheelmap to share their knowledge about the wheelchair accessibility of places in their daily lives.

Kickoff is September 27.